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Social SPA

a new well-being dimension

Our Social Spa is the place to be reborn, immerse yourself in an atmosphere of complete well-being and be indulged

The exclusive Spa System signed by Starpool allows you to choose a wellness program according to your goal and let yourself be guided inside the Social Spa between experience showers, steam bath, sauna, Mediterranean bath, relaxation areas, heated swimming pool and whirlpool.

The Spa System method was created in collaboration with a team of medical experts in thermalism and sports doctors, who carried out in-depth scientific research on the effects that heat, water and rest have on the human body.

experience showers

Our experience showers complete the path in the spa, they are the tool for obtaining an efficient contrast with the sauna and steam bath. Enveloping and non-aggressive, perfect for lowering the body temperature gently and gradually

Salt Chamber

The salt wall combines the benefits of mineral salt with the relaxing effects of light. Thanks to the stove which regulates and maintains constant the intensity of the heat and humidity in the room, the conditions are created to favor the natural process of ionisation of the mineral salt.

It is not curative but preventive, it favors the strengthening of the respiratory tract and cleans the upper respiratory tract. It is recommended for a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 30 minutes and is suitable for everyone, even for children.

Mediterranean bath

The Mediterranean bath is a unique, pleasant and sensory environment that gently welcomes you with its enveloping warmth and sweet fragrance. A place that due to its characteristics is very socializing, the stay can be prolonged and the pleasure of chatting is favored by the lower temperatures compared to the practice of the sauna or steam bath


steam bath

Our wonderful steam bath has a temperature of 45-48°C and a humidity of 98%. Its benefits are deep cleansing of the skin, it softens the respiratory tract, gives psycho-physical relaxation and elasticity to the skin tissue.


Finnish sauna

In this type of sauna the temperature can reach 80-100°C, inducing abundant perspiration of the skin, while the humidity does not exceed 10-20%, except when water is thrown on the hot stones of the stove. Essential oils with a balsamic effect are sometimes added to the water, such as, for example, essences of pine or eucalyptus.

Private Spa

Book the Social Spa for you or your family to enjoy the wellness program in total privacy and tranquillity
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